Somaliland Energy Commission Takes over the Regulations of the Energy Sector

The Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon. Jama Mohamoud Egal handed over the work and responsibilities of Power Companies of Energy sector to the newly appointed   the Somaliland Energy Commissiom (SEC) in a ceremony held at the ministry’s premises and attended by officials of the electricity companies operating in Somaliland, Somaliland Electricity Association (SEA),  and the Chairman of Good Governance agency .
Chairman of the National of the Electricity  Associatio  Idris Hamud Jibril and all the heads of the various power companies who spoke at the event welcomed theNational Energy Commission and promised to work well with them, abide by the rules, and thanked the Ministry.
Chairman of the Energy Commission Eng. Ahmed Farah Adare said, “We have a common interest. The Ministry of Energy and Minerals has started from scratch and I congratulate them on their long and tireless efforts”.
He added, “There are many teams competing in the stadium, and we will be good referee and promised justice and quality”.
The Minister of Energy and Minerals H.E. Jama Haji Mohamud Egal who presided over the ceremony recalled how electric companies began their operations, prioritized quality while generating electricity without shoddily. Companies put hard efforts to survive as cities were slowly expanding.
Lastly minister Jama advised power companies’ competition to be free and fair and in an orderly manner.